Putting the logy in technology

Technology for the sake of technology is not enough.


Having four dimensional touch pads a la Minority Report won’t make our students more engaged in learning (perhaps for about five minutes). Technology does have its place. It’s a tool like any other. A crayon can be a tool for art – but it isn’t art. With 26 letters and some punctuation, the entirety of possible human knowledge is available. It’s something to think about.


With all the tools, from pencil to spectrometer, they aide, facilitate and explore learning, but it isn’t learning itself. Recently I made a little digital story to help illustrate something better than simply reading or writing it. I matched music, pictures, voice, and motion to capture the feel of the piece of writing. I even added some homemade sound effects. While I had envisioned some moody, ethereal piece about climbing a mountain, it sounded completely hokey and had people laughing. It wasn’t the effect I was going for, but that means I need to learn more about how to convey the message I want to. The tools are there, learning how to use them is one thing. Learning how to utilize them is a complete other thing.



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One thought on “Putting the logy in technology

  1. janevangalen says:

    I hope that you know that people were laughing with you at your creativity and experimentation. It was a terrific story with great and inspirational images. And these open-ended tools lend themselves to constant experimentation and exploration. You set the tone for that ongoing work that we’ll all be doing with these new media

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