Planning to Lesson Plan

There a lot of different approaches to lesson planning, and I’m far from an expert, but I feel, at least at this stage, that it should resemble the scientific method. Since learning about Objective and Assessment as the starting point, I have worked through the process to see that it’s like forming a hypothesis -> creating an experiment -> testing. The classroom is going to be like an experiment. The students are the subjects, the lesson is the catalyst, and the activities the apparatus. I haven’t thought this metaphor through too much, but I know that some lessons will work, and others won’t. I’ll get better with experience, but still, every lesson won’t be able to engage every student into learning the objective (or how well they learn it).


Still, lesson planning is only the blueprint. Notes in the lab book. All the research, all the schooling, all the previous lessons, each new one will bring unique challenges. I’m sure at first I’ll ‘over’ plan my lessons. Leave no possibility out so as not to be left stuck with not knowing what to do next. The ultimate goal though, besides getting students to learn, is getting them (and me) to understand why what we’re learning is important. It starts in the lesson plan.


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