A Lesson Learned

Anytime I get a chance to teach a lesson (in a group or otherwise) I jump on it. I was one of the firsts to go. I like to get it out of the way, but even more so, I’m eager to put theory into practice (which on a side note, reflects quite well with my ‘converger’ learning style).


I’m very critical on myself though, especially if I find it important, as I do teaching. I know in the moment I might want to change things, but usually I stick to the plan (which is rather open anyway), unless improvisation is called for.


Watching the other lesson first gave me a chance to call in other ideas that I’ll most assuredly use when reevaluating. But the biggest thing that I know I will always have trouble with is time. I know in the future when I actually have a year to work with, I can be a little more flexible with lessons if someone wants to continue a bit longer until they get it. I’m not sure everyone memorized or understood why I brought up certain things (the muscle groups) that I would have liked to go into further. Reflection, reflection, reflection. That’s what I’ll do, and that’ll make a better teacher. Also experience. And theories and ideas from other teachers. AND…


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