A sticky situation

Whether or not I have to teach Sex Ed (as I still call it) I still may have some tricky questions I’ll have to answer to some kids, and not just my own.


I think the key is not being uncomfortable with the question, or the nature of the question, and answer it matter of fact. It takes the humor out of it, and almost makes everything sound clinical and sterile. As if it only belongs in the hospital.


But nature is a beautiful and amazing thing. The process is quite extraordinary. We just have to instill to the students that they are ready physically, mentally and emotionally before they make these choices. Kids grow up as fast as they do already. I don’t have kids yet, but I see cousins, nephews, and friends’ kids alike growing up. I can’t always be uncomfortable with my little sister dating – especially if she’s about to turn 21. We also need to give kids the proper tools, because some will act on impulses at a much younger age. It’s a scary thought, but you have to prepare them. You can teach a kid about the hydrogen atom, and its beauty in constructing most of the universe, powering life with stars like our sun, or they could go ahead and build big the worlds biggest bomb with it. If we can teach them the beauty, we can also teach them the destruction. Kids will make choices. We should as teachers be able to answer their questions within the means of the school zone, else they might hear it first from someone more around their age and a whole lot less mature.


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