A look back and a look forward

I have had a month in my placement – and now it’s off to another.

Looking back at what I have written – the optimism was so high. That optimism is there – but now is where the real work comes in. Day in and day out in the classroom requires much more than the most wonderful theories – it requires of what we (should) be preaching to the students – hard work. It’s also a time commitment. Looking back at one final paper I picked out a few points:

I had said that I would be “walking into the classroom with a new weight of responsibilities…” and I was right about that. Aside from the actual teaching part, there’s paperwork, creating the classroom, creating folders, notebooks, stuffing envelopes, arranging chairs, talking with other teachers, planning (so much planing), communication with parents, finding materials and supplies, and finding time (or a helper) to put it all together. It seems as if there’s an endless supply of tasks. Many of them seem insignificant – but they are all the foundation to make the best possible learning environment. It should be seamless when the student walks in until they walk out.

One student asked, at the end of my last day, when I was describing school and being a teacher,

“Teachers have homework too?”

Yes, students, yes they do.

But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else in the world. The more I read, the more I see, the more I hear, the more I want to be a teacher. At times, I feel like I’m already there.


2 thoughts on “A look back and a look forward

  1. When one of our instructors visited the classroom my students were so curious as to who she was. “She’s my teacher!”
    “Huh? You have a teacher? What does she teach?”
    Their minds were blown.

    Also to add to your list we manage to maintain relationships with our students and promote a classroom community.

  2. RLT says:

    I’ve been really surprised how curious the first graders have been about my teacher training! They want to know what classes I’m taking, who teaches them, how many students there are, where they are at, how long they go for, what we do. When we film lessons they want to know why, who will see it, if they can watch them too. I would never have predicted this level of inquiry and interest!

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